132 year old Winchester found in Nevada
By rowdyrob

Posted: July 9, 2015

This Winchester Model 1873 Rifle was discovered last November by Nevada’s Great Basin National Park officials.  It is deemed to be 132 years old and has been greatly exposed to the elements.  The serial number is still visible, telling the story of the gun.  It was manufactured in 1882 and is linked to the Cody Firearms Museum in Cody, WY.  The records don’t indicate who the guns owner was or where it was shipped from the warehouse. This model of Winchester is seen in many old western movies and is commonly known as “the gun that won the West.”  Many questions go unanswered with this historic find.  Who was the gun’s owner?  What were the circumstances of leaving it propped against a tree?  And many more…

serial number   old gun


These photos are provided by USA Today and are taken by park officials in Nevada of the 132 year old Winchester.

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