Fire Season Has Begun
By rowdyrob

Posted: July 22, 2015

In Montana, abnormally high temperatures in June had everyone scared about an early fire season.  Early July was a little wetter than normal with lower temperatures which looked like it would keep the fire danger down, until now.  The few 90 plus degree days we have had in Montana has dried things back out in a hurry and fires have popped up all over the place.  The largest and most critical fire right now is the Reynolds Creek Fire in Glacier National Park.  The high tourist populated area is being threatened as backcountry hikers, walking tourists and campers are all being evacuated as the blaze continues to burn.  The going to the sun highway is also being closed.  Here is the latest on a few other fires across Montana that have started this week.

Reynolds Creek fire, Glacier National Park, 800 – 1,000 acres:

Stevi Fire, Sapphire Range NE of Stevensville, 2.5 acres

Helena Fire, West of Helena, 33 acres


Photo by Erika Pierce



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