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Helena Recreation Report by Bob Ward’s Sports & Outdoors (7.10.15)
By angelamontana

Posted: July 10, 2015

Fishing: Streams are open and with the scattered storms in the forecast pressures have been up and down and the fish have been pretty active.

Blackfoot River: Well the Blackfoot has some Hoot Owl restrictions so you can only fish from Midnight to 2 p.m. but morning are a productive time to be on the water. Water has lowered a bit and cleared up enough to throw some dry flies at risers. For dry flies we’d recommend throwing a size 10 stone and caddis are fishing well in the evenings. For nymphing we’d recommend sticking to BH prince nymphs and caddis pupas.

Missouri River:  Dry flies are the hot ticket and a ton of fun to fish right now. Mornings start off with some spinners and PMDs while Caddis are killing it through the day. Evenings are filled with a combination of Caddis, Spinners, and PMDs. Right now is the best time to be on the Missouri!

Canyon Ferry Lake: Once again, mornings and evenings are the best time for fishing since the days have been so hot and recreational boaters are out in force during the day. The trout have been fishing well especially on the north-end of the lake. From shore try throwing some spinners or spoons tipped with a worm. Boaters were doing well trolling cowbells or other harnesses in the shallows tipped with leeches. Walleye fishing is starting to take off as the water warms up. Try trolling the shallows by the duck ponds with a bottom bouncer and crawling harness tipped with a leech, Rapalas work pretty well—I usually troll a countdown or husky jerk in Firetiger or Perch (blue and pinks also seem to hit well at Canyon Ferry). Carp are out cruising the shallows if you like hooking up on large carp.

(Report via Ryan Corwin – Bob Ward’s Sports & Outdoors)


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