MORS Camping Tip of the Week!
By angelamontana

Posted: July 15, 2015

This tip is for the RV campers out there.

So, you’re packed up and ready for the weekend.  You have everything purchased from your checklist and your propane tanks are full. What next?  Grab the tape measure!

Picture driving down the road and you see an overpass or a bridge with the height marked on a sign.  There is a reason the height is displayed.  Be sure you know the height of your RV–don’t guess!  It wouldn’t be very fun to make it to a bridge that the road goes under and you’re jolted to a sudden stop because your RV is taller than you thought.  Think about canopies on buildings, trees and light poles–you can avoid damage to your RV and other structures just by knowing the height of your rig.   You can also avoid any potential embarrassment involved in tagging something.  So, get to know your RV BEFORE you leave.


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Camp on campers!


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