Special Permit Applications For Crane, Turkey Due July 30
By Toby Trigger

Posted: July 19, 2015

Time is running out for applicants to apply for special hunting opportunities in Montana for Crane and Turkey in certain units.

If you’re planning to hunt turkey in parts of Region 2, 3 or 4 this fall season be sure to check the regulations for the unit you wish to hunt and apply this week.  Applications may be submitted electronically on-line or through the mail with paper applications.

Fall Turkey Application Deadline is July 30 with drawing results available August 3.

General seasons are available in certain parts of the state.

General Hunting Areas (includes Administrative Region 7)

• April 11 – May 17 — Male Wild Turkey. Spring Statewide Season. Shotgun/Archery only.

General Hunting Areas Includes : Lincoln, Flathead, Missoula, Ravalli, Lake and Sanders counties, AND the following counties or portion of counties and all counties lying east of these: Hill, portion of Chouteau north of the Missouri River, Fergus, Wheatland, Sweet Grass, Stillwater, and Carbon.

Administration Region 7 Includes: Garfield, Rosebud, Treasure Prairie, Custer, Powder River, Richland, Dawson, Wibaux, Fallon and Carter counties.


Sandhill Crane Application Deadline is July 30 with drawing result available on August 6th.

If you’re planning to hunt sand hill crane in parts of Region 2, 3 or 5 this fall season be sure to check the regulations for the unit you wish to hunt and apply this week.  Over the Counter permits are available for this species valid in specific regions.

Sandhill Cranes – Over-the-Counter Permit

Persons wishing to hunt Sandhill Cranes in the Central Flyway outside of the

Special Drawing Permit Area described above must obtain a free permit available

from the Bowdoin National Wildlife Refuge; Medicine Lake National Wildlife

Refuge; Fish, Wildlife & Parks regional headquarters in Glasgow, Billings, Miles City or the FWP Office in Helena.

Exception 1: The area south of I-90 in the Central Flyway part of the state is closed to the hunting of Sandhill Cranes.

Exception 2: Hunting by special permit only in Golden Valley County, Wheatland

County, Meagher County and that portion of Sweetgrass County north of I-90.

Application deadline – July 30.

• Oct 04 – Nov 30 – Bag limit: 3 daily and 9 in possession.

* Information provided here is based on most available current information but is subject to change .  Please visit www.fwp.gov or call your regional office prior to submitting applications.  This post is meant to remind you to apply prior to the deadlines regulations may change.  One thing we do know is that you’ve got to apply to draw!



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