Montana Grizzly Bear Hunters Posing with their Kills or Anti-Hunters Stirring Things Up Again?
By angelamontana

Posted: August 19, 2015

THIS is an excellent example of why you can’t believe everything you see on the internet.  Many people would automatically freak after just reading the title to this video…but, If you have had any experience with anti-sportsmen, then you will know why this is suspicious to begin with…Let’s just start by saying that the image above, which is in the slideshow below and is also the feature photo, is actually a picture taken from and put in this YouTube slideshow titled “Grizzly Bear Hunting Montana”.  Now, why would anybody do that? To get a reaction, of course.  Notice that one of the photos in the slideshow below includes a black bear–do you think the person who made this video noticed that the black bear is in fact not a grizzly?  What are your thoughts on this?  An anti-hunter trying to start controversy by referring to grizzly bear hunting, which is illegal in Montana as we all know, or are they a supporter of hunting not realizing they are misleading the public with the title of this video?  How about the other videos this person has posted all involving the words “grizzly bear”?  Let us know what you think…

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