RV Camping Tip(s) of the Week
By angelamontana

Posted: August 5, 2015

Just when you think you thought of everything to pack for your upcoming RV camping trip.  Check out this list list you may not have thought of from our friends at Bretz RV & Marine:

  1. Bring a bicycle or two. This is especially a good idea for those of you not towing a vehicle with your motorhome.  Having bicycles will eliminate the need to disconnect everything to check out the area–plus, it’s a great way to get some exercise and spend some quality time with your significant other and/or the whole family!
  2. Make sure when you plan your travel route with your GPS that you make it RV-specific.  When you do this, clearances and other important RV-related things are taken into consideration for the route.
  3. Keep bungee cords handy to hold down your awning when you have it out, as you never know when a freak gust of wind will come through and try to steal your awning off of your RV!
  4. Don’t forget to make sure you have a good surge protector for your RV–power supply ranges from RV Park to RV Park..
  5. Consider investing in a Roadside Assistance Program.  This might be a huge lifesaver down the road (literally–down the road).
  6. If you use more than 1-ply toilet paper in your RV, you are risking a clog. Using RV-specific TP ensures it will dissolve.  Bretz RV & Marine’s Parts & Accessories Store has RV toilet paper available for purchase.
  7. Packing a step ladder is essentially imperative, as it will be handy for everything from cleaning your RV to securing your awning.
  8. When it comes to planning meals in your RV, take advantage of outside cooking and use the grill. This eliminates excessive use of the oven/stove and gets you outside enjoying the fresh air!
  9. Bring a simple set-up tent in addition to your RV, as the kids might want to sleep outside under the stars–which could give mom and dad some extra privacy.
  10. Upgrade your RV mattress to one that you are comfortable with–don’t settle for something thin and lumpy!  The Bretz RV & Marine Parts & Accessories store has quality mattresses that are sure to give you that blissful night of sleep you’re after.


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