Weird Stories From Around The Country – Piebald Deer
By Toby Trigger

Posted: August 23, 2015
What if you had to write to the Director of the FWP to get permission to shoot an albino deer on your own property?  In an article series titled “Dumbest Game Laws” writer Doug Howlett wrote about a dumb law in Oklahoma related to piebald deer.  Here’s his story: 

In 2010, a former Oklahoma State Representative killed a piebald deer on his own property. He was so proud of taking the unique deer, he called the local paper and posed for a picture with the animal to run in the publication. The only problem with this was it was illegal. Upon discovering this, the former rep turned himself in and ultimately paid a fine. It had never been his intent to break the law. He just didn’t realize. As it turns out, to shoot such a deer in that state, a hunter has to get written permission from the state wildlife director. Weird. I’ve heard of other states forbidding the killing of albino deer, as if those animals possess some magical powers, like a hunter gunning down the only known proof of a unicorn. The fact is, these creatures are typically genetically deficient and a biological case can be made that they should even possibly be removed from the herd. In the end, it seems like most laws of this type are based on emotion or superstition rather than any real basis. A white deer doesn’t deserve any special protections beyond those of other deer. To do so is simply elitist.

 (Original story published by peteresen’s hunting in 2011. Article modified for accuracy of dates only)

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