“Whopper” Rainbow Landed on Lake Mary Ronan
By Kamp Cook

Posted: August 14, 2015

An amazing rainbow from Lake Mary Ronan. FWP started planting triploid Arlee rainbows in 2008 when the natural run failed due to perch competition and predation. Triploids in general haven’t done much but in some cases triploids – and Arlees – make a breakthrough.

Here is the photo of the 19# and 34 inch long rainbow trout caught this summer in Lake Mary Ronan.

UPDATE: The angler has been identified as 72 year old, Jim Lowe, of Grey Cliff, MT. According to Mark at Camp Tuffiit, who took the picture, Jim caught the trout in 30 ft of water, while fishing for kokanee on Wednesday August 5th. Mark wasn’t confident with his old scale reading only 19lbs, so when Jim returned to Grey Cliff, he took the fish to a grocery store and had it weighed on a certified scale. It weighed 21.5 lbs. Montana Outdoor Radio Show Facebook fans have reported the fish was taken to Northern Anglers Taxidermy in Billings.

Jim’s family has been fishing Lake Mary Ronan since the 1930’s. For information on Camp Tuffit call Mark at 406-849-5220

LMR rainbow 8-2015 34 inches 19#

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