Would You Run 100 Miles?
By Toby Trigger

Posted: August 30, 2015

I like to run .  And I like to run far.  In fact a couple days ago my friend Lance Jones and I drove up onto Skalkaho pass to escape the smoke so we could run 16 miles together.  It keeps me in shape for the tough things I like to do like trapping, elk hunting and well, running.

How about the prospect of running 100 miles?  You may be surprised to learn that ultra running is growing so fast that Ultra Running Magazine, a publication dedicated to writing race reports can no longer find room in the magazine to fit all the reports!

There’s a 100 miler in Virgin, Utah in April… I asked Lance if he would do it – he said yes…here is the race map and profile:


Let us know if you think Lance is nuts… be honest.  He’s the one with the long red beard and that look in his eyes… be honest now…

Lance photo 2

Note; His shirt reads “one more mile”… would you run 100 miles?