Bowhunter Shoots a “10” Mule Deer on Betty Crocker Scale
By Toby Trigger

Posted: September 12, 2015

Day two of Montana’s archery season yields a surprise.

On Sunday at 7 am Becky Doyle of Sula, MT was hiking into the elk woods with Tom and Steve Powers when she spotted two mule deer bucks feeding 40 yards below them. Becky sent an arrow through the bigger of the two and watched the buck topple at 55 yards.

becky blood trail 2015 2

Blood trail to a 10 on the Betty Crocker scale…

Becky described the bucks antlers as; “3 x4 21 inch inside spread and a 10 on the Betty Crocker scale… His tenders were yummy:)”

beckys buck 2015 3

Becky with her biggest buck and Steve Powers.


Congratulations Becky on your biggest mule deer buck to date.  And congrats on all the big bulls and bears you’ve encountered already this season!  The experiences you’ve gained can’t be fried in butter like the tender loins but they are no doubt a “10” on the memories scale.

We can’t wait for you to share more of what hunting is really all about with us!  Thanks for sharing!