Elk Hunter Has Close Encounter After Tagging Out
By Kamp Cook

Posted: September 30, 2015

Some people have all the luck. I was recently talking with my dad about how disappointed I am that this year marks my 20th archery season, and I have yet to bag a big game animal. He laughed and reminded me that he bagged a bull on his very first elk hunt, and went on a 20 year dry spell himself. It has just never worked out for me. That doesnt stop me from getting out every year. I enjoy the sport as much as the venison (or lack of it.)You just got to have a little bit of luck. Some people actually might have too much luck. Check out footage of an elk hunter in Arizona, who recently tagged a bull, but as he waited for help packing out, was almost run over by another bull. Lets hope the one he tagged was bigger.