Five Fantastic Everyday Fishing Hacks
By angelamontana

Posted: September 28, 2015

Everybody has their own ways of doing things, and there are hacks for everything these days that most of us have seen.  Here are five fishing hacks we found on that are definitely worth checking out and cost next to nothing:

1. Vacuum-seal your first-aid kit and anything else you would like to keep water proof–just in case!  Simple and totally effective.


2.  Earplugs make great bobbers if you’re in a pinch.



3. If you drink wine, save the corks!  You can use the cork to help keep your sunglasses and other personal items afloat if something happens and then end up in the water.


4. Put a nail in the end of your artificial worm lure to give it more movement in the water to attract the big bass…


5.  Use a wet wipes container and an ice pack for a mini-bait box.  It is super portable and easy to access.