Holter Reservoir Tuesday Report
By rowdyrob

Posted: September 30, 2015

Salmon Steve Hellegaard joined Downrigger Dale and the Captain on Holter Reservoir Tuesday. Fishing was slower than the day before but they still managed to catch some nice rainbow trout.

The technique was the same trolling Viking spoons, rapalas, syclops spoons, green needlefish, and a gold Thomas cyclone at 2.2 miles per hour 9-15 feet deep over 90 feet of water.  Jim Farrington from Stevensville was told by some anglers that they had some good success with woolybuggers.
The BLM campgrounds on Holter are in the fall transition currently. The fish cleaning station is closed for the winter. The campgrounds will not be charging after October 12th and their docks and boat slips will be removed from the water on or about October 19.
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