MTA’s Annual Rendezvous Huge Success
By Toby Trigger

Posted: September 19, 2015

Despite recent fur price drops the Montana Trappers Association had a high turnout over the weekend in Lewistown, MT.

Vendors selling trapping supplies including lures, baits, traps and other wares reported excellent sales and the turnout was at or above average.

IMG_0157fish fryIMG_0158

The MTA rendezvous has been held for 37 consecutive years the last 15 (or so) of which have been in Lewistown, MT due to its central location in the state.  Trappers travel as far away as Alberta to join in the festivities that include trapping demonstrations, trap setting contests, skillet toss and a nicely added feature  this year included a fish fry hosted by two trappers who donated a variety of fish for the Friday night event.

Another feature attraction in the Fur Fashion Show where audience members get a chance to model furs by Paparazzi Furs of Big Sky, MT in a fun and casual atmosphere.


The annual rendezvous serves as the main fund raiser for the Montana Trappers Association and coincides with the Choke Cherry Festival also held annually in Lewistown.

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