Proposal for Extending Elk Season is Under Hot Debate
By rowdyrob

Posted: September 14, 2015

Hunters and Landowners butt heads over the topic of hunting regulations more than bull elk do during the rut.  This latest proposal is no different.  The proposed rule change would allow shoulder seasons in certain areas to thin out the elk populations that are most likely causing damages to private lands.  If this certain proposal were to pass, bull elk would be included and could be killed.  This could open up a bunch of opportunities for property owners to hunt bull elk on their own land along with other hunters whom they allow on their property.  Some say this essentially allows the property owners to sell public wildlife, while others say that the state has already commercialized the wildlife by selling hunting licenses.

The Fish and Wildlife Commission has received over a thousand comments about the proposal.  They will decide whether or not to move forward with the proposal at the October 8th meeting.

Read the whole Missoulian article here.

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