The Captain Got His 2015 Archery Elk – How Big Is It?
By Hookemharry

Posted: September 7, 2015

Captain was lucky to get into a bow hunters dream come true opening day of Elk archery in Montana.

Hunting with Marty Low from Burke Ranch Outfitters and Gene Ripley from Outlook the Captain got into the ideal   Bow hunting situation. With the wind. blowing in their faces they peaked over a ledge only to see the tips of a 6 point bull elk bedded down.  The Captain put his range finder on the horns and the bull was only 26 yards away,  Low told the Captain that he was

going to head up 30 yards and cow call to get the bull to stand up.  Once in position Low signal to the Captain, who by that time had edged closer to 20 yards ,to draw his bow .

Once the bull heard the cow call he slowly stood up broadside. The Captain then put his 20 yards pin on the sweet spot and let his arrow go

It landed in the perfect spot at a downward angle and the elk went 125 yards down over another bank. Game over.  It had been double lunged.

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