Would You Adopt-A-Fish If You Could?
By angelamontana

Posted: September 2, 2015

Did you know that Montana FWP had an Adopt-a-Fish program that taught individuals interested in learning about the state’s fish all about the fish and even tracked them with results on the internet?  Although there are no active Adopt-a-Fish programs in Montana right now, here is a look at what they had.  Would this be something you and your family might be interested in if this program were to be reinstated?  You can never have too much education!  Check out this information from Montana FWP:

Adopt-A-Fish programs offer students and adults a chance to share in what FWP biologists are learning about the fish that live in different parts of the state. Biologists capture fish and implant them with a small radio transmitter. Movement and locations of the fish are posted to the internet, where they can be monitored by anyone. Some classrooms even get to adopt their own fish, and can name the fish, and may even take a field trip to watch the biologists conduct their research and see their adopted fish.

There have been 2 Adopt-A-Fish programs in Montana.  None of them are active at this time, but you may wish to read about the programs, and also follow the past movements of the fish, and learn about their unique life histories and habitat requirements.