Wrestling Pigs (by Montana Grant)
By angelamontana

Posted: October 13, 2015

pigOne of my favorite pieces of life advice was,” Don’t get into a wrestling match with a pig. You both get dirty and the pig likes it!”

When it comes to hunting and fishing buddies, this is awesome and important advice. We have known and “kissed” a few pigs in our lives. I remember taking one “expert but greedy” hunter on a deer hunt. I hooked him up for a shot at a great 7 pointer with a downhill drag! He chose to pull the trigger on this deer instead of all the other bucks on the mountain.He was miserable and ready to head home. Instead of appreciating his “gift”, he was disappointed. Why wasn’t the buck bigger, badder, or better? What was worse, he gave the deer away! He preferred to sneak onto private land, poach, and tell stories that were not true. If he could get you to participate or do things like him, then somehow it made his choices seem better.

“Pigs” are not sportsmen! They leave trash, break the rules, can’t be counted on, and are not your friend. They are first in the sack, last to get up, never do the camp chores, complain, and talk about how great they used to be. Your dialogue will never be good enough, better, or even close to their experiences.

They exist because real sportsmen have a heart and hope that they may change them. It is kind of like the woman that marries a “Bad Boy” and hopes that she can make him better. How does that story usually turn out?

We need to “PIG UP” with real sportsmen! This is a tall order since finding good hunting and fishing buddies is tougher than finding a life partner! Let the great sportsmen that you enjoy and are proud to call your friends, know that you appreciate them. Sharing honest and ethical hunts and trips are so much better when with great friends. Each season is one less for us all and can’t be wasted.

Don’t waste time wrestling Pigs. Put your energy into celebrating and promoting great friendships. They are cleaner and way less effort. Don’t tolerate the “Pigs” in your camps, trips, and adventures.  If you accept or enable their “Pig Like” behavior then you will end up in the same slop as them. Always be proactive and let them know that their dirt is not welcome. With time, they will wash away like the dirt they create.

Keep in mind that tasty pork products are always welcome!

Montana Grant

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