Bear Takes Deer Antlers Hunters Track him Down (true story)
By Toby Trigger

Posted: November 1, 2015

“A story from a Montana Outdoor Radio Show Listener and reader Harry Marvin submitted this story and photos on Oct 29 th –

10pm last night we went outside and Dom’s antlers are gone…a quick search yielded nothing and we figured the neighbors dog grabbed them, as has happened in the past.

I’m fast asleep on the ground floor and a noise outside the cracked window above my head wakes me. In my initial daze I thought it was the neighbors black lab sniffing around…only to quickly realize it’s a bear and it is halfway into one of our vehicles! I scramble with my headlamp and dash out the door after it, then realizing it’s not a small one. The bear must have opened the door as a human would…it ate a few granola bars, chewed a book, and left a couple minor scratches and paw marks.

From 2am until sunrise I shooed it away as it kept coming back. Finally I sat with a shotgun to give it an ass full of birdshot and it didn’t show.


Into the woods on its tracks at daylight…100yds from camp he is hanging out in a tree, and there are Dom’s antlers at the base of the big hemlock. I got some Ok nikon pics too.

Into the deer woods now…”

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