Meet the Camo Queen and Get Your Book Signed In Person!
By angelamontana

Posted: November 16, 2015

If you are interested in getting a signed copy of the Camo Queen’s book “Confessions of a Camo Queen: Living with an Outdoorsman”, then you are in luck!  We have her book signing schedule right here:


18th Wednesday

4-7 Missoula DeJaNu

21st Saturday

12-2 Bozeman Walmart

230-430 Bozeman Bob Wards


10-2 Missoula Walmart on Mullan


5th Saturday

1130-1 Missoula Fact & Fiction

2-4 Missoula Barnes and Nobles


If you prefer to shop online, you can purchase the book on Amazon by clicking here.   This is a book you don’t want to pass up reading, so try and make it to one of the Camo Queen’s book signings if you can!


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