New Youth Hunter Finally Finds Success
By Toby Trigger

Posted: November 28, 2015

Chris “Kip” is a 14 year old youth hunter who moved to Montana recently from Florida.   His family wanted to embrace the Montana hunting culture but didn’t know how to help Chris learn to hunt.

After two souring experiences where greedy hunters cut Kip off and showed poor ethics my friend and long time hunter – Harry Marvin  offered to take Chris along for a mule deer hunt.  After an evening of showing Chris around and seeing lots of deer Kip wanted to jump out and shoot the first deer he saw.

But Harry wanted to show Kip how enjoyable a hunt can be and opted to sneak along glassing into coulees for a real hunting experience the following morning.

After a few failed attempts, Kip zeroed in on his first big game animal and made a great shot.

Kip sacking in on his first buck

Kip with buck

Harry weighed the options of quartering the buck out versus dragging and Kip decided to drag it out.

Kip dragging first buck

Luckily Harry was able to show Kip how to quarter and pack out a deer when he shot his own 8 x 4 the next day!  This is one hunt that this young hunter won’t soon forget!

Congratulations Kip!!