Opening Day! (by Montana Grant)
By angelamontana

Posted: November 27, 2015

campThanksgiving signals a start and a finish for many hunters. In Maryland, gun season for deer opens up the Saturday after Thanksgiving. My Montana roots are used to a longer gun season that ends at the same time.

Certainly weather is a factor. We just had our first chills of winter in Maryland. I remember snow on the opening day of bow season for elk in Montana. The longer Montana hunting season is a real blessing for so many hunters. That allows for plenty of opportunity to tags and feed families. Sunday hunting is also allowed.

Maryland offers early and long archery seasons. A couple black powder seasons also allow hunters to diversify their hunts. I always wished that Montana would allow a black powder season to celebrate the Mountain man pioneer heritage.

The deer population in Maryland is healthy and abundant. Sadly, highways are responsible for more mortality than hunters. Insurance companies lobby for generous limits to reduce the herd and minimize car strikes. Homeowners want fewer deer eating their shrubbery.

The rut for Mule deer in Montana is just starting to heat up when the hunting season ends. Peak rut in Maryland began recently. There is limited Sunday hunting in Maryland. Ironically, the Equestrian community reserves Sunday for horsing around.

I miss the Outfitter tent opening days of Montana. The heritage, sights, smells, and fellowship are amazing. Here in Maryland, camp is in a summer home with a great wood stove and warm friends. Tents and RVs are becoming rare. Deer populations are close to home and travelling is not needed. With a little luck, you can home early to rake leaves.

The Brotherhood of hunting brings us all together every season like a Mountain Man Rendezvous. We brag, laugh, rejoice, and share adventures and friendship. There may be some drinking involved and certainly some great feasting. Enjoy your lifetime of opening days while you can!

Be safe, warm, legal, and enjoy!

Montana Grant

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