Reptile in Great Falls Toilet Was Actually NOT a Reptile…
By angelamontana

Posted: November 18, 2015

9273431_G A Great Falls man called 911 reporting that there was a reptile in his toilet on Tuesday, according to a recent post on  Great Falls Animal Control said that the man “closed the toilet and put a book on it to prevent it from escaping”.  The man said to the Animal Control officers that he was “not on drugs and had not had anything to drink”, after the officers did not find the said reptile–or anything else.  They said to call back if the reptile showed up again.

The man did call back not long after Animal Control left, and when they responded again, but there was no reptile–as a matter of fact, the animal ended up being a squirrel.  Apparently, the squirrel drowned after getting into the plumbing system of the home, and Animal Control did not attempt to revive the squirrel.

That was quite the surprise, as a snake would have been more expected, but not a squirrel!  Just something to think about the next time you are inside your house or apartment–you just never know what critters you will find inside from outside.

Only in Montana…