Tying a Chernobyl Green Butt Skunk For Steelhead
By Toby Trigger

Posted: November 15, 2015

Some of the best moments you can have while fishing steelhead is feeling the grab when swinging flies in steely waters.  Try tying this one and get ready for a steelhead attempting to rip that fly rod out of your hands!  There are many ways to dress the green but skunk. Some tyers like to use sparse materials and in clear spring time conditions that may be appropriate.  But most anglers from Montana will be fishing Idaho Rivers like the Clearwater or Salmon Rivers where conditions are cold and when the water isn’t super clear.  After a rain storm or late winter thaw the water is silty and you’ll want a fly that will stand out.  Its tough to decide if I should be using a dark fly, small fly, bright fly or big fly and the green Butt skunk has it all.  A small bright spot,  white spot, a dash of read and a big black nymph like profile  – could this be the perfect winter fly for all conditions?  Maybe.   But I think it is certainly worth fishing and here’s how to tie it:

  1. Use a long shank #4 hook and wrap black thread up and down the shank.
  2. Tie in a piece of red rabbit fur cut like a diamond shape.
  3. Add a chartreuse wrap (like chenille) and tie hook end in, wrap three times towards the eye and tie it in.
  4. Cut black elk body hair clean and tie in above the green (eye side).
  5. Add white tailed deer tail hair.
  6. Add black dubbing down the shank. (add tinsel if you’d like)
  7. Finish knot and cement the head.
  8. Fish until a bruiser hammers it.

Steps 1 – 3


Step 4


Step 5 – 7


This fly works great as a winter pattern, its easy to tie and easy to fish – give it a try!




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