Unique Eastern Montana Buck Taken by Bitterroot Hunter
By Toby Trigger

Posted: November 28, 2015

Harry Marvin travelled from the Bitterroot Valley to a pubic land hunting district in north east Montana to help a new hunter shoot his first buck. That young hunter Chris, got the job done on the second morning (Clickhereforthatpost) so Harry brought Chris along for more glassing and stalking. When he saw this unique 8 x 4 (not including brow tines) he didn’t hesitate. After the shot Chris said, “you shot so fast!”

Harry packin gout his buck

Congratulations Harry for shooting a unique muley and for the experience of taking a new hunter out – the best part of the hunt Harry says “was watching a first time hunter shoot his first deer. The only memory I have that’s better than that for me was shooting my own first deer!”

Congrats Harry – and thank you for passing our hunting heritage on.