Check Your Knife Before You Sit Down!
By angelamontana

Posted: December 15, 2015

Have you ever had a hunting/fishing/trapping buddy that made you shake your head…often?  We found a pretty funny story that hopefully serves as a reminder to check your knife and make sure it is in its sheath before you sit down in your rig or do anything really.  Take a look at this from

Anyway, my cousin Johnny went hunting, had a good day, even though he never got a clear shot on a deer. So, as the sun began to set, he hiked back to his truck, tossed his gear in and jumped in.
Sat on his hunting knife that had slipped out of it’s sheath when he carelessly tossed it in the cab of the truck.
His knife was razor sharp. Zipped through his jeans like cutting through butter. Also sliced his @ss cheek pretty good.
Well, he drives himself to the emergency room, drips blood all the way across the parking lot through the lobby up to the nurses desk and explains his little accident.
A dozen stitches and a tetanus shot later, he is ready to go.
He goes back out to his truck, jumps in the cab…and…
You guessed it…
Landed AGAIN on his hunting knife, other @ss cheek!
The doctor refused to stitch him up until he handed over his knife! Said he would call Johnny’s dad to come pick it up (my cousin was 26 when he did this, lol!) Doc walked out to the truck with Johnny, got the knife and then saw Johnny’s rifle and said “Oh, dear God! They let you have a GUN!?”
Johnny has a couple of nice scars…both sides match!

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