Guy Finds Antlers in Snow, Pulls Out Live Deer [VIDEO]
By Kamp Cook

Posted: December 21, 2015

Tis the season for getting outside and playing in the snow. People all over Montana are strapping on their snow shoes and going for a winter hike. Imagine you are walking you favorite trail and you come across antlers sticking out of a snowbank. Your first instict would be to go pick them up. Unfortunatly there is a chance the antlers may still be attached to a winter kill statistic. Or even a live critter. See footage of three Austrian hikers rescue a Red Deer from being a popsicle.

According to YouTube description
Three men were filming their trip in the snow. On the descent over, one of the men saw a deer antler protruding from the snow. On closer indulgence, it turned out that the animal was still alive, but could not free itself from the snow. Cameraman Simon Platzer filmed the rescue.

With their shovels and one climbing rope attached to the antlers the men, one of whom a hunter, proceeded to free the beast of the snow. the tired exhausted deer fell back in , forcing them to work for another hour, after which they managed to free the deer.

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