Run The Edge Runners Finish Goals of 2015 Miles in 2015
By Toby Trigger

Posted: December 20, 2015

A run event organized by runners at challenged men and women of all abilities to push their limits by logging 2015 miles in one year.  The event could be completed by solo individuals or by teams.  Katie King participated with a team of two other women; Hope Lawson and Jeny Oropeza-Shannon all from Corvallis, MT.

Each woman completed 672 miles beginning January 1st 2015.  The three women surpassed their mileage goals although there is no reward other than bragging rights for running more than 2015 miles together.  At the beginning of the year the runners received a tee shirt and set their eyes on 672 miles and an end of the year medal.

screen shot2015 medal


On bad weather days miles were run on treadmills while fair weather days were enjoyed wherever the women happed to be whether on vacation, at work or home these dedicated women made running a priority.  The running challenge was created to form a community of runners from around the world and to foster a healthy lifestyle through goal setting and achievement.

This challenge is on again for 2016.  You can register at

Great job ladies!



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