Skinning Party!
By angelamontana

Posted: December 9, 2015

If  you’re a trapper, then you probably have stored some fur in the freezer to skin and/or flesh at a later time.  Well our “later” consisted of yesterday.  We have muskrats, foxes, a beaver, a beaver hide and a coyote hide to flesh, along with a raccoon hide to flesh and big boar to skin. Oh, and Jason is skinning out the skull of his bull! That is exciting! He is doing a European mount.

Special thanks to John and Amber Wilson for letting us use the Trapline Tavern and Skinning Shop to thaw out, skin and flesh our critters.  Special thanks to Joe Michels for helping us tackle this job too.  Without our friends, this would take a lot longer than it is taking.

Time to get to skinning!

Bull elk



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