Simple Math! (by Montana Grant)
By angelamontana

Posted: January 12, 2016

awpicKids + Fish = FUN!!!!! It works every time! If you think you are a great fisherman, then teach others how to celebrate what you enjoy. Most guides and anglers have some cabin fever and need to become one with the fish anyway.

Whether you are ice fishing or looking for a fresh fish dinner, now is the time to head out. Trout are available along with perch and crappies. All of these fish are kid friendly, delicious, and great fun. Tackle is simple and the fish tend to be concentrated. Once you find them, the bite is on.

Usually light tackle with 4-6 lb. test line works fine. A minnow or jig rig under a bobber is perfect. If you can’t find live minnows or if they are not allowed, use the Gulp or Powerbait versions. I also spray on fish or shrimp scent to make them more attractive to the fish.

The fish bite softer and slower in the colder conditions but they still have to eat. It is common to find them suspended, near structure, or right off the bottom. When you find one, these “schoolies” will be ready for the feeding frenzy.

Comfort is key! If you or the students get cold, then the FUN Factor is gone. Make sure to wear layers of clothes and use hand and toe warmers. Toes and fingers get cold first. Hats are a must since we lose the most heat out our heads. Make the fishing more fun by adding prizes, competition, special snacks, pictures, or games. The Big Kid in all of us comes out every time. Kids and students will follow the example that you display.

If fishing becomes work, stressful, or uncomfortable, you are doing it wrong. Take a break and try again later. Hook up with a guide or friend that is a successful fishing instructor. Their attitudes are contagious. Kids and people that celebrate the outdoors make better and healthier choices.

When it comes to our Outdoor Recreation ranks, the more the merrier. This legion of outdoor advocates will vote and work to protect our great natural resources for the future.

Hey, I think I have a bite!,

Montana Grant

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