What Does Guns n’ Roses and the Columbia River Have in Common?? 
By angelamontana

Posted: February 12, 2016

gnrTeam Kit’s Tackle just spent a couple wonderful days on the Columbia River ‘’Jiggin’ the Dream” for monster walleye.  It was the typical “pack a cooler full of patience” bite, working insanely hard for 1-3 bites a day.  But the bites we did get were big bites!  We went straight savage mode getting on the water at 6 am and not coming off until 8 pm running the river in the dark of the moon.  In fact, we have mastered peeing with one hand so we can keep jigging and not miss a stroke!

Our friend, mentor and pro staff guru, Kimo Gabriel (Gabrielguides.com) who lives on the Columbia River always gives our trips a theme name.  This year it rang in as “Appetite for Jigging Destruction” and how fitting is that!  The Columbia River is the most humbling, yet astonishing place on earth.  One minute you can be utterly at rock bottom and one jig up later you hook a walleye in the mid-teens.  We worked very hard to get the few bites we got, but on the Columbia every time you lift your jig there is a chance at a 20lber!


We fished the Tri-Cities stretch just down from where the Snake River dumps into the Columbia.  We were using 1/2 ounce Glass Minnows tipped with crawlers and gulp minnows.  We focused on a slow vertical presentation to entice the big egg laden females to bite.

Most people in the dead of winter are dreaming of sunny beaches, and then there is me, dreaming of the smoke plumes rising from the Boise Cascade paper mill as I slowly meander down the river of giants.


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