Hat Chat! (by Montana Grant)
By angelamontana

Posted: February 5, 2016

0f2f320f-b5a1-4091-a6d9-b274c28814e6Hats define many outdoorsmen. Maybe it is because most heat is lost through our heads or we just want to look cool. I have friends that I have never seen afield without a hat. Some hats are for hunting, some for fishing, and some are for going to church.

Hats make a statement. Many hats have a phrase or picture that defines us as a Redneck, soldier, sports fan, or from a certain place. Whatever the reason, people enjoy their hats.

Lucky hats are important too. Favorite fishing hats must attend all fishing sessions and hunting hats bring back great memories.

What do we do with hats when they get too funky? Sweat, dirt, dead bugs, blood, and all kinds of filth can take our pristine hats and turn them into “Crud Caps”. If we wash them, they are just never the same. The dirt gets washed away with the memories and the special mojo is gone.

I never respect a guide, show speaker, or outdoorsman with a clean and pretty hat. “Crud Caps” are the result of real outdoor adventures. Each hat has a distinct look and may be adorned with flies, pins, or symbols of their personality.

So I washed one of my favorite hats yesterday. Mrs. Montana Grant said I could no longer wear it in public. It was too filthy from sweat, boat slime, dead bugs, frayed flies, greasy fingers, rips and tears. I sprayed some dirt removal cleaner on it and soaked it well.

When my old hat was in the dryer, I could hear it thumping around as the brim hit the sides. Would the hat be the same? Did the luck and good mojo get washed away with the dirt? Only time will tell. The hat fits a little tighter and some of the sweat stains are still visible. I have to put some more flies back on it. My wife still wants me to buy a new hat.

It does smell better!

Montana Grant

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