Montana Wolf Harvest Update as of 2.28.16
By angelamontana

Posted: February 29, 2016

Hooray!  We made it over the 200 mark for our total wolf harvest in Montana so far!  As of the day before Montana’s wolf trapping season ended, Sunday, February 28th, there were 204 wolves taken total, with 71 taken by trappers and 133 taken by hunters.  Excellent work to those who were successful this year!  As a wolf trapper and hunter, I am aware of the time and effort that goes into hunting and trapping wolves.  Sometimes, you get lucky, though…I’m still waiting for my moment.

Again, good work to all of our state’s wolf trappers, as the last day of the season is today, but wolf hunting season remains open through March 15th, so good luck, hunters!




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