So There I Was…
By Toby Trigger

Posted: February 20, 2016

…looking or mountain lion tracks in western Montana.

It had rained all night except for a few higher elevation locals and I headed out the door around 3:45 am to see if I could find a lion track.  The deck was slick on my trailer and after checking a forest service road I loaded up again and headed back to the main road.  I noticed the front ratchet strap was loose but figured the snowmobile would stay in place (after all, it had always stayed on there before) until I got to a flat spot to tighten it down.

Well, it happened…I was wrong… I saw the ski slide off and I tapped my breaks which only accelerated the inevitable.  My snowmobile flipped in slow motion like a bad movie, onto the tongue of my trailer.

Just I case you ever need to know, the solution to this problem is to unhook the trailer and drive out of the way which requires an average ability of coordination.  Flip the snowmobile over, start it (mine started) then hook the trailer back up and set the ramps up to drive on.  This time, tighten that son of a #@&#$! down so it doesn’t happen again.


I kept looking for lion tracks but didn’t find any.  The lions may have all been laughing too hard at the stupid hunter who didn’t fasten his straps well enough to cross the road like any dignified lion should.  But we’ll never know for sure.

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