Thanks for passing on the tradition! Hunter educators honored
By Moosetrack Megan

Posted: February 13, 2016

Hunter and bowhunter education instructors from north central Montana were honored recently in Great Falls.

One Glacier County hunter education instructor – Don Crail – was honored for 50 years of teaching.

Crail, of Cut Bank, had his name placed a Hunter Education Hall of Fame plaque that hangs in the Fish, Wildlife and Parks Region 4 office in Great Falls.

Besides Crail, 25 other instructors received service awards in January ranging from 5 to 30 years. All award recipients receive a plaque; additional awards include: an engraved knife for 10 years, an FWP belt buckle or jewelry for 20 years, a monetary award for 30 years, a monogrammed jacket for 40 years, and a hall of fame plaque for 50 years.

In FWP Region 4, almost 300 volunteers teach hunter and bowhunter education. These instructors certify about 1,000 students each year.

Region 4 hunter-bowhunter instructor awards by county:

50 years hunter education

Don Crail – Glacier


30 years hunter education

Curt Butler – Chouteau

Jodie Butler – Chouteau

Wendy Kamm – Chouteau


25 years hunter education

David Kalina – Fergus


25 years bowhunter education

Ralph Corbett – Petroleum

Larry Eloff – Liberty

Dan Rooney – Meagher


20 years hunter education

Dean Easton – Cascade

George Edelberg – Cascade

Mary McGivern – Cascade

Kevin Mitchell – Toole

Andrew Oestreich – Fergus

Ron Osborne – Glacier


15 years bowhunter education

Pam Martin – Cascade


15 years hunter education

Lance Juedeman – Chouteau

Dan Roat – Fergus

Kale Sandman – Petroleum

David Schwarzbach – Chouteau

Brian Williams – Cascade


10 years bowhunter education

Todd Dotseth – Cascade


10 years hunter education

Ray Wrobel Jr. – Cascade


5 years bowhunter education

Daniel Anthony – Liberty


5 years hunter education

Daniel Anthony – Liberty

Jeffery Russell – Fergus

Paul Wild – Fergus

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