Apply For Deer Elk Tags By March 15th
By Toby Trigger

Posted: March 13, 2016

Hunters who wish to hunt deer or elk in WMU’s requiring a permit must apply by March 15th.   Applications may be submitted at regional offices, by mail or online.

According to the MT FWP website ( processes is as follows:

Determine if you need a deer or elk permit in your hunting area. A permit and a general license is required to hunt mule deer bucks and elk in certain hunting districts.

Review the maps for deer and elk. If the hunting district where you wish to hunt indicates a permit is required, you must apply by March 15. If the map indicates that no permit is required, your general Deer or Elk license is all you need to hunt there in 2016.


Pick the correct permit code and know the hunting district.

Some hunting districts have more than 1 option for a permit, 1 for archery only or general season only, and 1 for archery and the general season. Some permits are also valid for more than 1 hunting district. Check the hunting district before you choose. Learn about the hunting district you wish to hunt before applying for the permit.


You must list all 5 digits in a permit area on your application. Failure to list all 5 will result in that species being removed from the drawing.


Check your odds of drawing a permit.

The general drawing statistics for elk and deer permits are located on the page following the deer and elk hunting district maps.


Are you applying as a party?

For paper applications:

Make sure

  1. all party members are listed;
  2. all party members apply for the same hunting districts, in the same order and include the same bonus-point participation;
  3. all party applications must be submitted in the same envelope.
For online applications:

The party establisher must list all party members and provide the party number to all party members so each member can apply online for that party.


Are you using bonus points?

If you wish to participate in the bonus points program, make sure that you check “YES” on the bonus point questions and include the $2 Montana resident fee for each species marked.


Complete your application, but only after you have purchased your prerequisite licenses.

Residents must purchase their Conservation, Base Hunting, and General Deer and Elk licenses in order to apply for a deer permit or elk permit.

If you are applying for an archery only permit, hunters must purchase their 2016 bow & arrow license in order to apply.

Paper applications:

  • Download the 2016 Resident Application Packet 1.7 MB
  • Fill in your date of birth and ALS # then fill out all mandatory information.
  • Original signature.
  • Fill in all 5 permit numbers.
  • Double-check your math.
  • Postmark no later than March 15th.

For more information visit: