Captain Teaches Granddaughter Archery Techniques
By angelamontana

Posted: March 15, 2016

As you  may know, the Captain had a phenomenal year last year during archery season.  He bagged his first bull with his bow!  CONGRATULATIONS!  A very nice 6×6, too.  You can refresh your memory on his hunting adventure here.

It only makes sense that somebody who is a successful archery elk hunter passes his knowledge of archery to younger generations–and that is exactly what Cap did last season!

He is pictured above giving his granddaughter archery tips during an at-home archery shoot.  This is something all archers should do!  Let’s pass our knowledge on to youngsters when they are really young and get them excited about conservation through hunting, trapping and fishing!  After all, the sooner they realize the importance of wildlife management, the more passionate they will be.  Plus, the better they are at shooting, the less issues they will have in the field.  There is no such thing as too much practice or knowledge!

So, thank you, Berny, for sharing this picture, and applause to you, Captain, for sharing your knowledge–especially during the season that you bagged your first bull with your bow!  So, don’t forget to teach a kid about hunting, trapping and fishing this year!

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