2016 Annual Tough Guy Tournament Results
By angelamontana

Posted: April 20, 2016

The Annual Tough Guy Tournament held April 16 out of Hell Creek was the anti-thesis to the 2015 event. Temps were in the mid thirties with a light with blowing at the start and with the day finishing with temps in the 50’s with flat water as opposed to the 2015 event which had the wind come up during the day and with over 2 hours runs coming back. This year the run home was easy.

Fishermen scattered both east and west at the start. This year the better fishing was east. Of the top 6 places 5 fished in the Duck Creek area near the dam. The teams had very few bites but they resulted in very good fish as witnessed by the weights. Given the quality of fish in the 20 to 26 in range it does appear that this year may offer very good fishing. This could be the year classes we’ve been waiting for.

Water temps on Sunday in the Hell Creek area were in the mid 40’s. Saturday temps at Duck Creek were in the low 40’s.

Tough Guy Tourney results:

53 teams, paid 10 places.
1st Trevor Verhasselt & Jason Eggebreidt 33.12 lbs
2nd Kyle Vine & Colby Tognetti 27.52 lbs
3rd Kris Keller & Jesse Reuter 22.44 lbs
4th Tim Powell & John Stark 14.7 lbs
5th Joe Herbold & Hayley Young 12.22 lbs
6th Clyde Phipps & Brem Phipps 11.04 lbs
7th Bobbie Seymor & Wayne Wilcox 9.8 lbs
8th Todd Kleppid & Trevor Kleppid 9.64 lbs
9th Bob Magnuson & Jerome Papineau 9.12 lbs
10th Chris Kwasney & Kane Mury 8.5
Big Northern 39.5″ Carson Fohl & Shane Germann
Big Walleye 28.75″ Tim Powell & John Stark

(Info provided by Joe Herbold)
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