Idaho Steel Head Season Slows To a Trickle Or Does It?
By Toby Trigger

Posted: April 2, 2016

Most Idaho steelhead anglers have called it quits for the season as the weather warms and the worn out fish have reached their final spawning  destination.   March 30th was no comparison to February 30th in terms of fish caught and while a few strong holds of hardy anglers remain camped along the river banks neither are the number of anglers.

IMG_2997 (2)

Trigger Toby and Friend Bert Wustner at camp on the Clearwater River at the end of March 2016.

Last week Bert Wustner landed several on a fly rod and I had the joy of netting a few behemoth beauties for him.  But the days of fresh steelhead fillets are pretty much over and as the fish turn crimson red the signs of natures cycles are also coming to an end.

IMG_2938 (2)

Bet Wustner with a late March Steelhead on the Clearwater.


The good thing is that it won’t be long and salmon will be pushing their way toward the same waters in the Clearwater Rivers and Tributaries and then the summer fish will start the migration anew.

The spring season for steelhead will remain open until the end of April in some areas of Idaho and there are a few anglers who enjoy April for the incredible sight fishing that can be had – and now is the best time for sight fishermen to hit the river.  With warm days, good weather and easily seen fish the best is yet to come.




Trigger Toby with a late March caught steelhead 2016.

But I figured I’d wait until the end of the story to mention that…  Good Fishing!


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