Teaching and Learning On The Docks
By Toby Trigger

Posted: April 24, 2016

“I want to meet these dudes”.  My four year old son Kaden said as we stood on the docks fishing for perch or what ever else might bite.

His bright yellow rain jacket and matching pants were covered with a contrasting blue life jacket.

“Whatchya fishin’ for?” He’d ask each angler as they walked the dock with a rope ready to launch their boats.  Each angler had a different story and a different approach.  One angler was a retired flyfishing guide who showed up to Bull Lake with a drift boat.  He was after Northern Pike with a fly rod.  I asked him about his leader choice for the tooth filled fish.

Another man and his adult son had a nice bass boat and that’s what they were after.  Another guy gave Kaden a frozen smelt and advised him to use a treble hook in the center and to cast it softly.  Did I mention he is four?

Taking a perch off the hook.

Boat after boat angler after angler my young son asked questions until each boat was out of the docks.  We both learned a lot and I have to admit, the “I want to meet these dudes” fishing philosophy is a pretty darned good one.

For the rest of the morning Kaden enjoyed zinging a worm and bobber after perch.  His dad on the other hand was taking notes and he will be buying some frozen smelt today.



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