What to Use on Holter to Catch Trout
By angelamontana

Posted: April 13, 2016

fishingddEvery angler has their favorite lures that always seem to catch fish. Downrigger Dale and the Captain use a wide array of lures when they fish Holter Reservoir. You can see the selection of lures a colors that they used this week above.

All the lures pictured above caught fish for the duo. Some, more than others.  They fished in depths of 5-13 feet of water.  Split Rock on the reservoir was a good spot, and so were the cabins in Oxbow Bend.

From left to right the lures are:

  • Clown needle fish
  • Rainbow trout and Firetiger syclops
  • Rainbow prism
  • The spotted Hu-ha
  • Blue back
  • Sven dust Viking spoons
  • Firetiger
  • Gold black j-7 rapalas
(via MW)