Mark Bretz will co-host Montana Outdoor Radio Show this Saturday
By angelamontana

Posted: May 6, 2016
markbretzSaturday is customer appreciation day at Bretz RV and Marine in Missoula.
Over 2000 customers are expected to enjoy a free steak and chicken meal. There will be vendors showing folks what is new in the RV industry.
Mark Bretz Owner of Bretz Rv and Marine will be our guest this Saturday at 7am. He talk to us about the history of Bretz and how they have expanded into Billings and other locations in the Northwest. Mark will also be showcasing some of the specials that Bretz will have all day from their vendors Come early and enjoy some great seminars on fishing and cooking that are also free.
For the early birds top walleye angler Bob Hickey will be talking how to locate fish and once you do how you catch’em at 9am. “I will show the technique on how to pull cranks to find fish, then jigging them once you locate them. It is simple, location plus presentation equals more fish in the boat!” he said. At 10:15 Mike Howe from A Able charters is back with a great seminar that will enable folks to help them figure out new bodies of water faster The seminar is called Scouting and Learning New Waters, “I will help all the traveling anglers scout and learn new lakes efficiently, before you even get there, and have a good head start when you do. You can’t catch them if you don’t find them. Use these tactics on new lakes as well as old favorites.” said Howe.
The reservoirs over by Helena have more angler hours than most lakes in Montana so at 11:30the father-son team from Kit’s Tackle out of Helena will give you an idea on how to fish all three reservoirs and catch more fish. They will show you how to successfully fish Canyon Ferry, Hauser, and Holter in the summer months. “We will cover multi species and techniques, including pointers on night fishing!” Then at 12:45pm they go from the water to the grill as acclaimed chef Paul Sidoriak will be demonstrating how to make a main dish of Moscow Mule Brined Pork and a dessert that is truly amazing, Grilled Peach dessert. After that at 1:45pm it is back to the water with another informative fishing seminar by a local favorite Dick Zimmer from Zimmers Tackle. The self-proclaimed MacMan of Flathead Lake has been fishing that beautiful body of water for most of his life and during his seminar he is willing to share information on how to catch more lake trout, perch, and whitefish. He will also show you his new kokanee salmon set-up for Lake Mary Ronan.
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