Now What?!!! (by Montana Grant)
By angelamontana

Posted: May 23, 2016

So you are in a remote outpost camp ready to enjoy a new adventure. Fishing was awesome and it is time for a special fresh fish dinner. The meal is so special that you brought along a fine white wine. The good wine always has a cork but there is no wine opener in the wilderness.

Now you could shoot or break the bottle neck off but who likes glass shards in their fine wine? Instead, grab a slotted screwdriver and hammer into the cork and push the cork into the wine bottle. The cork won’t ruin the wine and I am sure that you will consume the whole bottle after so much stress and effort.

Biscuits would be great with the fresh fish dinner but there is no rolling pin. The wine bottle will make a perfect rolling pin as well!

What a poorly equipped camp! There are no baking dishes or trays around. There is an old cast iron frying pan! This pan will make a perfect baking dish and works well as a cake pan for dessert.

Mashed potatoes would sure taste great with this fresh fish dinner but there is no potato masher! You know that a cleaned canoe paddle handle will work just as well. Use the long paddle to do some serious mashing.

All of these solutions really did take place during one of my outdoor adventures. The point is to solve the problem with an open mind. Anyone can complain about what they do not have but it takes a real MacGyver to come up with a creative solution. The stories will be told for generations!

Uh Oh, I made an old age mistake. The Millennials do not know who “MacGyver” was! He was a problem solving television actor that could solve unique weekly problems and save the day. I am sure that you could Google it or find it on Net Flix.

Just remember that a problem is just an opportunity to come up with a creative solution and be a hero! It is amazing what you can do with a little imagination and some Duct Tape!

“MacGyver it!”

Montana Grant

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