Quicksand in Montana? Yes, There Is.
By angelamontana

Posted: May 23, 2016

Quicksand.  It can be some scary stuff if you’re ever stuck in it, and it is not region-specific, either.  It can be found just about anywhere in the world–including Montana. Here are a few facts on quicksand you may not know:

  • Quicksand is more likely to be found on beaches, riverbanks, marshes, lake shorelines or close to underground springs.
  • On the top surface, everything typically looks normal. (yikes!)
  • It’s true that struggling in quicksand – or just about any quick movement – causes you to sink more.  Slow movements are much more effective.
  • Quicksand is much more common than you might think – but most quicksand is only a few inches deep.

If you are wondering how you can potentially escape quicksand, click here for a list of things to keep in mind.  Take a look at this footage involving what to expect if you are ever stuck in quicksand:

(Info via palisadespete)