State Championship Hound Field Trials Set for June 4, 5th
By Toby Trigger

Posted: May 28, 2016

The Montana State Championship Field Trials will be held by the Montana State Houndsmen Association (MSHA) in White Sulfur Springs on the weekend of June 4th and 5th.

Stakes will include Open coon, puppy coon, veteran cat, cat drag, single tree, double tree, fastest to tree and open water.  Any hound will be allowed to participate in the open events.  Entry fees are nominal.

UKC sanctioned stakes will include UKC bench, UKC water and UKC coon.  To qualify for UKC events hounds must be pure bred with registration papers.

Justin Duffy, a Director for MSHA says the event is family oriented and all are welcome.  Sign up will close at around 9 am on Saturday June 4th.  Camping is available on the private Galt Ranch.

Directions for the event from the MSHA website are: 5 miles south of White Sulphur Springs on US Hwy 89S/12W, turn west on Birky Road between mile marker 35 and 36. Go west approximately 9 miles and watch for signs.

Flora TreeingThe Montana State Houndsmen Association was organized more than a decade ago as a not-for-profit group of volunteers who are promoting hound-hunting in the state of Montana. Its purpose, as stated in the MSHA Constitution, is fourfold:

  to promote fellowship and friendship,
to promote sound game management,
to promote a positive image of houndsmen, and
to hold field trials and other events for hounds.
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