Boat Ramp Issues Frustrating Holland Lake Anglers
By angelamontana

Posted: June 20, 2016

If you’re planning on fishing at Holland Lake, be aware that there are boat ramp issues being dealt with.  Apparently, there is no functional boat ramp for the public.  This situation is leaving some anglers not very happy.

Montana angler Jim Swanson stated, “The water is knee-deep for 75 yards and will not launch a medium size fishing boat without backing your truck completely into Holland Creek, past the water line and around the corner.”  Apparently, the Forest Service and Fish, Wildlife and Parks websites state that there is a boat ramp, and there’s a sign there at the lake that gives directions to a ramp you have to pay $5.00 to use.

“That lake is 1,900 acres of prime fishing that, right now, is only available to the lucky few private individuals that have homes on the lake and their own personal launch,” said Swanson.  His frustrations are shared by other anglers wanting to take advantage of some good fishing at Holland Lake from their boat.  Swanson has a call in to the Forest Service in Kalispell, and they said they will look in to it.

So, just keep this info in mind if you plan on heading to Holland Lake with your bigger-than-medium-size boat.  Feel free to call the Forest Service for more information and check back here at for updates.

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