Region 1 FWP Looking For Volunteers for Advisory Committee
By rowdyrob

Posted: June 7, 2016

There are as many as six openings for the FWP Region 1 Citizen Advisory Committee.  The volunteers for this committee provide their input, knowledge and guidance to a wide array of outdoor issues.  These issue include but are not limited to: boating regulations, lake management, big game seasons, bear and predator management, warm- and cold-water fisheries, and information and media.

The committee has meeting about five times a year in the evenings and is geographically based.  The primary focus of the committe is listed below

  • Help promote Montana’s hunting, fishing, trapping and recreational traditions.
  • Help make FWP personnel more available and responsive to the public.
  • Contribute to local decision making and local solutions.
  • Help FWP be aware of issues before they become problems.

To apply to serve on the committee, contact FWP at 755-5501, or email and ask to receive an application by mail or email.

Application deadline is Thursday, June 30.

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