Camp Walleye Positions Needed!
By angelamontana

Posted: July 4, 2016

Here is a message from Pat Volkmar with Great Falls Hooked on Fishing Not Drugs in regards to Camp Walleye this year:

I am sending this out to everyone to let you know about Camp Walleye 2016. This year will be august 19,20 ,21. I am starting a little later this year , my plate seems full.

I need to get message out to several groups.

– If you know a child 11-15 I have attached an application please get those in soon.
– If you have or know a child that is a past participant and am over 16 years old or older I need Chaperones , please have those volunteers contact me.
– I also need Adult volunteers for the Camp to just help around the Camp for any one the days or all 3 days just let me know.
– I also need donations for kids prizes so if you have any or a business that would sponsor prizes for kids,, or donate food , snacks or anything Have them contact me.
– Potential Boat Captains either contact me or the heads of the boat captains Dick Headley 406-452-4862 & Bim Johnson 406-453-6579.

Also, if you can help, we are looking for a couple of volunteers that can help with food preparation and cooling.  Finally, if you just need information contact me I will get it all to you . We are 2 months away but that isn’t allot of lead time let me know how you can help.
Thank you!

(Feature photo via Great Falls Tribune)