Chinook Salmon Setups for Trolling on Fort Peck
By rowdyrob

Posted: July 27, 2016
Bill Zahradka from Wolf Point or as the Captain calls him “The Salmon Slayer” shared six of his set-ups that he has been successful in using while trolling for chinook salmon at the face of the dam on Fort Peck Reservoir. Zahradka trolls 2 to 2.2 miles per hour with four down riggers and two dipsy divers when he has two other anglers in his 29 foot boat. These salmon set-ups are just six of many that Zahradka will use while fishing for salmon on Fort Peck.
#1 An agitator flasher followed by Brad’s cut bait

#2 Smelly Jelly

#3 Chunk Tuna

#4 An agitator flasher followed by a Brad’s cut bait filled with tuna and smelly jelly

#5 An 11 inch flasher followed by a beaded treble hook covered by a skirt

#6 Dipsy Diver with a flasher and beaded treble covered by a skirt

#7 Whole herring with two hooks rigged up to make it spin in the water like a wounded fish

#8 Dipsy Diver with a spoon

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